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Guardians of Arcadia® is a episodic single-player JRPG with inspiration from the successes of the 1990’s. incorporating popular elements from games of the decade like chibi character design, random battles, a strategic turn-based combat system, and a fully 3D explorable world.

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Gameplay and Features

First of all...


A great homage to JRPG masterpieces of yesteryear, using the latest technology to develop a truly memorable story and player experience and bring the authentic JRPG style back to the fans and new gamers alike

Let's bring back

A Turn based battle system

Have full control with a turn-based battle system: Create flexible strategies by exploring enemies weaknesses without time limits. Also, you can set your random encounter rate! It's up to you to be a adventurer or a Super Hero!

The sky is your limit!

A truly open world

Remember back in a day when you had vehicles to travel all over the world?

The world of Arcadia is big but


Explore the beautiful fantasy world of Arcadia with low hardware requirements, and simple controls, just like the old days. Compatible with gamepads.

You can play in


Guardians of Arcadia is going to be available at launch in English, Japanese Spanish and Portuguese!



"Twin brother of Aki. Honest and determined, he accidentally must embark to a journey to defeat General Nero of Baikal and destroy the plans of worldwide dictatorship."

"Aki is armed with a bow and always ready for battle. She can be sweet but does everything to protect the people she cares the most, especially his brother Hikaru."

"Childhood friend of Hikaru and Aki. Her personality is upbeat, positive and she's not afraid to speak her mind. She always find something positive even in the most disastrous situations."

"Rin joins the party because of his love with traveling. In the beginning no one knows if Rin is a he or a she. Rin is a master of alchemy and a little bit crazy, but no one cares."





Guardians of Arcadia will be released this year first on Steam!



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